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Old Stories, New Insights, Volume Two - Searching Bible Women’s Stories for Today’s Applications (A Women's Devotional)  (2016)

Volume Two continues the author's investigation into the lives of Bible women.  While their experiences may seem to have little in common with women of today, we quickly discover that our modern challenges and successes mirror ancient times. 

Like them, we still battle with issues of  self-esteem and self-worth, basic survival, and a myriad of societal pressures. Bible women really do teach us lessons                                                                   applicable for  today. 

                                                    ISBN 9781498478748   (paperback) 230 Pages $15 

Old Stories, New Insights,  -  Searching Bible  Women’s Stories for Today’s Applications (A 90-Day Women's Devotional)   (2013)

With an in-depth look at the lives of 13 women of the  Bible, this devotional takes you step-by-step on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and affirmation through 90 daily readings.  
 ISBN 9781613797501   (paperback) 238 Pages $15