Gaza Road Ministries -
 Judith Warren Hawkins, J.D., M.S.
   JUDITH W. HAWKINS lives in Tallahassee, Florida and served as a Leon County Judge for 18 years before returning to private practice.
    For more than 20 years, she volunteered in elementary, middle, high, and alternative schools. 
    Ms. Hawkins has participated in several international mission trips. She helped build a school in Costa Rica in 2001, and in 2002 she preached her first evangelistic campaign in Kenya, East Africa. She has since preached in Dominican Republic (2003); Taiwan (2004); Romania (2005); Mongolia (2006); Irian Jaya, Indonesia (2007); Mexico (2008); Brazil (2009); and Guyana (2012). Her 2010 Thanksgiving week was spent in Haiti with Mission of Hope.
   Her card ministry allows her to stay in touch with fellow church members, friends, and family.


    In 1973, Ms. Hawkins received a Bachelor’s degree in Home Economics from Andrews University and in 1977, her Master’s degree in Family Relations and Human Development from Ohio State University. In 1984, she earned her law degree from Florida State University College of Law. 
      Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, she is the fifth of eight children born to James and Margerye Warren.     
     She was married for 40 years to the late James E. Hawkins, Ph. D., retired Dean, School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, Florida A&M University.
     Their son, Jason, and his wife, Dionne, made them the proud grandparents of Keira Noelle and Kyla Christine. 

 James and Judith Hawkins

     Founded in 2010, Gaza Road Ministries grew out of her passion for service. The name reflects her calling, modeled after Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. In clear and convincing language Philip explained the way to salvation.  Thus, the mission statement of Gaza Road Ministries is "Searching timeless Bible truths for today's applications."
    A frequent speaker and presenter, Ms. Hawkins is a gifted teacher of Bible truths, making plain the work of God so that "none need err" in the way of understanding and wisdom. Her workshops, sermons, and other presentations reflect her enthusiasm, enjoyment, and passion for the study of the word of God.
    She has published a devotional book for women and various other written materials.